Doug Andrews


“As to why I chose to compose, I really don’t know. Does anyone? It just seemed like something I had to do.¬† My first “piece” was a simple piece for guitar at age 11 or so. I began writing pop music in college, then a variety of¬†choral works later.”

Doug Andrews began his professional career as a high school music teacher in 1970. He then arrived at South Florida State College in 1982 and assumed the position of Instructor of Music, teaching a variety of music courses and directing various ensembles.

While at South Florida State College he began writing for the SFSC Vocal Jazz Ensemble, a group he formed in 1995. In 1984 he was named Chairman of Cultural Affairs and for the next 22 years, he split his time between teaching and administrative duties. In January of 2004, he was named Dean of Cultural Programs and continued in that position until his retirement in May of 2014.

For the past 20 years, he has written for a wide variety of genres and settings, having over 100 choral works published by a number of publishers including UNC, Sound, Shawnee, Hal Leonard, Fred Bock, National, Augsburg Press, among others. In addition, he has written music for two short films as well as an outdoor drama production called Florida.