Julio Fonseca


Julio Fonseca was a Costa Rican composer and conductor. He began to study music from an early age at the National School of Music, and later at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. He created his first compositions in 1897 – 1902 while under the tutelage of important musicians such as José Joaquín Vargas Calvo and Alvise Castegnaro.[1] Julio Fonseca was part of a group of musicians that responded in 1927, to a call from Education Secretary Luis Dobles Segreda of governor Jiménez de Oreamuno’s administration[6] to search for a national identify in the field of music. In 1929, the government decided to send three musicians, Roberto Cantillano, José Daniel Zúñiga and Julio Fonseca, to Guanacaste where they would compile, harmonize, and edit a compilation of folklore, El Folleto de Música Folclórica Nacional. Three editions of the work were published in 1929, 1934, and 1935.