Raymond Egan


The diversity of genres present in Raymond Egan’s music reflects the wide range of musical genres he has been involved with as a performer. The presence of these various kinds of music is not intended to create more music in these categories, but rather as a jumping-off place from which to create some hopefully yet unnamed category – category less music! In the classical music context, he has been active as both a conductor and organist, and as a pianist he has accompanied artists including Zubin Mehta, Steve Gadd, and Joseph Flummerfelt.

In the jazz area, he has worked, as a pianist, with artists including Lisa Rich, Terry Plumeri, and Joel DiBartolo.

In the field of African American Gospel music, he has performed as a keyboard player with the Johnson/Montgomery Singers and with the Choir, Praise Teams, and Rhythm Section of Agape Christian Fellowship Church, Los Angeles, California.

He has pursued an interest in World Music as a leader of his own groups, and with field study in northeastern Brasil and Barcelona, Spain, and has a doctorate in music from the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music.