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ACDA 2023

American Choral Directors Association Special Session

A Choral Kaleidoscope

Fred Bock Publishing Group Reading Session


FEB 22

11:00 AM

Duke Energy Convention Center

Room 206-262

Pearl Shangkuan, Editor of Hinshaw Music, an international choral music publishing company.


Conductor, Lecturer, and Clinician

Brandon Boyd, editor for Gentry Publications, a choral music publishing company.


Conductor, Educator, Composer and Arranger

Tom Shelton


Conductor, Composer, and Educator

Bradley Ellingboe, editor of National Music Publishers which celebrates the best of Western European traditions in music ranging from classical editions to new composers.


Conductor, soloist, Composer and Scholar

Hinshaw Music, Gentry Publications, Pavane Publishing and National Music Publishers present this very special session with clinicians Brandon Boyd, Pearl Shangkuan, Tom Shelton and Brad Ellingboe at the 2023 American Choral Directors Association National Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) Conference 2023

ACDA 2023

ACDA 2023 in Cincinnati is sure to be an exciting event for choral musicians and music enthusiasts alike. With a lineup of talented performers and a schedule full of workshops, masterclasses, and performances, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of ACDA 2023 is the opportunity to hear some of the best choirs in the country perform. The conference will feature a range of vocal styles and genres, including classical, contemporary, and world music. In addition to the mainstage concerts, there will also be smaller, more intimate performances by up-and-coming artists and student groups.

But ACDA 2023 is not just about the music – it’s also a chance for attendees to connect with their peers, learn from industry professionals, and be inspired by the talented musicians that come together for this one-of-a-kind event. With so much to see and do, ACDA 2023 in Cincinnati is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

"A Red, Red Rose" from the Richard Burchard Choral Series will be featured at ACDA 2023
"We're Marchin' to Zion" will be featured at ACDA 2023
Dan Forrest's "The Music of Living" will be featured at ACDA 2023
Rosephanye Powell Image

Rosephanye Powell

Rosephanye Powell is a highly respected composer and arranger who has made significant contributions to the world of choral music.

Powell studied music at Florida State University and the University of Michigan, where she earned her Doctor of Musical Arts degree.

Over the course of her career, Powell has composed and arranged music for choirs at all levels, from youth choirs to professional ensembles. She is well known for her skill at creating intricate and beautiful harmonies with just voices and no accompaniment. Powell’s music has been performed worldwide, and she has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the choral music community.

"Langston Dreams" vocal solo from composer Rosephanye Powell
"Then, Here and Now" vocal solo from composer Rosephanye Powell
"The Cry of Jeremiah" first major work from composer Rosephanye Powell
"Miss Wheatley's Garden" vocal solo from composer Rosephanye Powell

Sing We Now of Christmas - Fred Prentice

Originally arranged for SATB divisi voices in the well-known a cappella version, this classic carol was then revised for SATB voices with an added harp or piano accompaniment and then again in an accessible SAB version that makes it approachable for mixed choirs of all sizes. This festive carol arrangement is equally at home on the concert stage or in Christmas services, and the choice of three versions makes it an ideal and flexible option. (JG0469)

Tottoyo - Cristian Grases

Cristian Grases launches his new Latin American and Caribbeanlikes Choral Series with this enchanting song of musical mischief that describes a scene in the life of Tottoyo, a boy that like playing outside until the late hours. Energetic, entertaining and playful, the piece is voiced for SSA treble voices and works for both young and mature choirs. Simple gestures assigned in the music add marvelously to the presentation. (JG2436)

Iowa All State - Way Over in Beulah Lan

Stacey V. Gibbs has done it again in creating a must-have Choral Spiritual for any choir director. This show-stopping SATB was selected by Paul A. Smith for his excellent choral series, Bruce Rogers also selected the work for the ACDA National Honor Choir in Miami, 2007. Stacey Gibbs has proven to be one of the best new arrangers of spirituals for a cappella choir. (JG2370)

John Saw De Numbuh arr Stacey Gibbs

Rosephanye Powell Image

Stacey V. Gibbs

Stacey V. Gibbs is a highly respected composer and arranger in the world of choral music.

He is known for his innovative and creative approaches to arranging traditional and contemporary pieces and his ability to bring new life to old standards.

His works have been performed by choirs around the world and have received numerous awards and accolades.

In addition to his musical talent, Gibbs is also known for his dedication to education and his work as a clinician and conductor.

He has conducted and taught at numerous choral festivals and workshops, sharing his knowledge and passion for choral music with aspiring musicians. Overall, Gibbs’ contributions to the choral music world have made him a vital and influential figure in the industry.

Richard Burchard

Richard Burchard

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Richard Burchard as a composer and arranger. His contributions to the world of classical music have been numerous and significant, and he has left a lasting legacy that continues to inspire and influence musicians to this day.

As a composer, Burchard was known for his innovative and original approach to musical composition. He was highly skilled in the use of counterpoint and harmony, and his compositions often featured intricate and complex structures that were both challenging and rewarding to perform.

In addition to his work as a composer, Burchard was also a skilled arranger. His ability to take existing works and transform them into new and exciting pieces was unparalleled, and he was highly sought after by other musicians who wanted to collaborate with him.

Overall, the importance of Richard Burchard as a composer and arranger cannot be overstated. His contributions to classical music have had a profound and lasting impact, and his legacy continues to inspire and influence musicians to this day.

Richard Burchard's extended multi-movement work on the “Seven Last Words of Christ” accompanied by divisi strings.
This well-known poem by Longfellow metaphorically paints the calming qualities of the night. What Richard Burchard Burchard does musically with "Hymn To The Night" is enrapturing.
One of Richard Burchard's more melodic songs "Sicut Cervus"

Composers & Arrangers

Someone to Watch Over Me

Mark Hayes has placed his magic touch on this Gershwin classic. Finally we have an arrangement for choir that cleverly works for mixed voices. The rhythm and clarinet obbligato add the finishing touches.

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Softly The Night Is Sleeping

Using a variety of percussion instruments and piano most effectively, Rosephanye has created a Christmas anthem that is grand and joyous. Beginning as softly as the title states, it eventually changes direction and builds to a glorious and strong finale. Her gift for melody, rhythmic motifs, and colorful harmonies come through as she unfold the Christmas story in song. Medium in difficulty.

Still, Still, Still

This beautiful German carol has been given a warm and tender makeover. The introductory measures quietly announce that a new treatment is forthcoming. Lush and sensitive harmonies ensue that keep your attention to see what new color will be added next. Advanced high schools, colleges and community choirs will want to sing this in their next holiday concert.

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Rosephanye Powell Image

Andre Thomas

Andre J Thomas is a composer known for his choral music, particularly his spiritual arrangements.

His compositions often feature complex harmonies and intricate vocal lines, creating a rich and beautiful sound. Many of his works draw inspiration from African American spirituals and gospel music.

Thomas’ pieces often have powerful lyrics that convey themes of hope, faith, and perseverance. His music is uplifting and moving, and has been performed by choirs around the world.

Thomas is also a skilled conductor and educator, known for his ability to bring out the best in vocal ensembles. His contributions to the world of choral music have been significant and enduring.

Cristian Grases

Cristian Grases

Cristian Grases is a composer who creates intricate and nuanced musical compositions that showcase his technical skill and artistic vision.

His works often feature complex rhythms and melodies that are carefully crafted to draw the listener in and keep them engaged.

Many of his compositions are inspired by his Latin American heritage, incorporating traditional instruments and rhythms into his music. Grases is not afraid to experiment with different styles and genres, and his compositions reflect this wide range of influence.

Grases’s compositions are always fresh and full of surprises. Overall, his music is highly expressive and emotionally resonant, making it a joy to listen to for anyone who appreciates great composition.

Brandon Boyd, Gentry Publications Editor

Brandon Boyd

Dr. Brandon A. Boyd is the University of Missouri’s Assistant Director of Choral Activities and Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education, where he conducts the Concert Chorale Men’s Ensemble. His music is regularly sung by ensembles throughout the United States and abroad as he is an active composer and arranger. Fred Bock Publishing Group is thrilled to have Brandon as part of our choral publishing family and editor of Gentry Publications.

The energy from this song, "Better," is fantastic. It has a modern gospel feel that drives from start to finish and is part of the new Rock My Soul Choral Series from Gentry Publications.
Brandon Boy's “Sign Me Up” is a concert Gospel choral adaptation that quotes the familiar spiritual, “Roll, Jordan, Roll.”

The Word Was God - Rosephanye Powell

What an impact this august work will have on both choir and listeners! Compositionally, this is an excellent piece using impressive techniques that are truly captivating. The rhythmic structure develops from the superb interplay between the voices, and the layering of sound upon sound creates a musical tapestry. (JG2196)

Cum Laude Ego Canto - Richard Burchard

It is a song of praise written in a distinguished, elegant style that has become a hallmark of composer Richard Burchard.  Richard selected the text portions from the book of James and Corinthians. Performed at the ACDA Southern Region convention in 2022, this is another stunning contemporary madrigal that merges ancient sounds with a newness that is spellbinding.  (JG2598)

Witness - Jack Halloran

If you are looking for a spiritual that will really show the musicality of your choir, try this Jack Halloran SSAATTBB a cappella setting of this traditional spiritual. Perfect for concert or festival.   Also available: SATB accompanied SAB accompanied, SSAA accompanied, and TTBB accompanied. (JG2010)

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Langston Dreams by Rosephanye Powell Music Cover
Langston Dreams by Rosephanye Powell Music Cover
Langston Dreams by Rosephanye Powell Music Cover