Jason Max Ferdinand Choral Series

Jason Max Ferdinand

Composer, Conductor, Educator

Jason Max Ferdinand, appointed Director of Choral Activities at the University of Maryland, College Park in Fall 2022, credits mentor Edward Maclary for his journey. An accomplished Professor, Conductor, Composer, and Speaker, Ferdinand’s impact extends globally. He founded The Jason Max Ferdinand Singers and led the Aeolians at Oakwood University. Ferdinand authored “Teaching with Heart: Tools for Addressing Societal Challenges Through Music” and The Jason Max Ferdinand Choral Series with Walton Music. Trinidad & Tobago native, Ferdinand holds degrees from Oakwood College, Morgan State University, and the University of Maryland. With Maclary’s guidance and collaborations, Ferdinand’s achievements include directing the Aeolians at Carnegie Hall, global recognition, recordings, and educational contributions, epitomizing dedication to choral music and mentorship.

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