Marques L.A. Garrett Choral Series

Gentry Publications is pleased to feature the Marques L. A. Garrett Choral Series.

Marques L. A. Garrett Choral Series

Discovering the World Through Choral Music

From the mind of the incomparable composer Marques L. A. Garrett comes the Marques L. A. Garrett Choral Series, a stunning collection of choral music’s most thought-provoking and stylistically profound fruits. Composer, vocalist, conductor, clinician and professor, Dr. Marques L. A. Garrett is enduringly devoted to raising up the voices of the underrepresented, joining formidable musical talent with the courage and grit to strive for the joy that true equality brings. Dr. Garrett is the co editor of  the Out From The Shadows Choral Series and is known for his research efforts on exploring and unearthing authentic music by fellow African American artists. Additionally, Marques L. A. Garrett is particularly known for the impressive skillset he brings as a vocalist, having soloed as baritone, premiered as countertenor, and performed as the beloved Lil Lud. In Ireland, Marques L. A. Garrett served as Jubilate Deos premiere soloist. He has arranged works like “Give Me That Old-Time Religion” and edited pieces including “Wasserfahrt”. As conductor, he founded the lauded Nebraska Festival Singers. Dr. Marques L. A. Garrett has worked with institutions including Harvard University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Cheyney University. He has been commissioned, among others, by Harvard and Westminster Choir College. At the University of North Texas, he currently serves as the Associate Professor of Choral Conducting.

Dr. Marques L. A. Garrett spent his childhood in Virginia and now hails from northern Texas. He continues to teach, compose, conduct and research. An indomitable force for passionate equality, quality choral music, and that music’s unique sway over justice, his Marques L. A. Garrett Choral Series is the direct reflection of a lifetime devoted to paving the way for choral excellence.