Richard Burchard

Richard Burchard


A college music educator of more than thirty years, Richard Burchard has taught a variety of courses including Composition and Arranging, Music Technology, Music Theory and World Music as well as courses in study abroad programs in Salzburg, Austria and South Africa. A native of Meadville, PA, he attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and received both a BM and MM degree from the University of Louisville.

Burchard’s choral works have been performed and premiered throughout the United States at a number of state, regional and national choral conferences including ACDA and NCCO. European premieres of his choral music have been in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Other works have been premiered in China and Australia. Burchard’s portfolio includes over 100 commissioned works, most of them written for A Cappella Choir. He is published with the Fred Bock Publishing Group, Gentry Publications, H.T. Fitzsimons Co., National Music Publishers, and Pavane Publishing. Burchard also has a choral series with Gentry Publications: The Richard Burchard Choral Series.

Burchard was named the Kentucky Music Teachers Association 2008 Commissioned Composer and have served as composer-in-residence for a number of organizations, including: The Louisville Vocal Project; Voces Novae, Louisville, KY; St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, Louisville, KY; The Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville KY; The American Cathedral in Paris, France; two years with The University of Kentucky Choral Department, Lexington, KY; and four years as Executive Composer-in-Residence at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY.

Burchard’s major works include: The Seven Last Words of Christ, an 8-movement work for choir and strings, which received its Carnegie Hall debut on April, 2018; Stabat Mater, a 45-minute work for choir, strings, 3 trombones, clarinet, and percussion, which received its world premiere at the American Cathedral in Paris, France on March 29, 2019; and, Falling Stars, a 6-movement work for choir, strings, piano, harp, and clarinet, which received its world premiere on May 2 in Natchitoches, LA.

Burchard also has written larger works for choir and wind ensemble/strings including Flos Carmeli, To Music, and Dreamcatcher (symbol of unity), which received its world premiere at Carnegie Hall on June 16, 2019.

Richard Burchard

Major Works


The Seven Last Words of Christ

Richard Burchard has rapidly risen to the top of the list of choral composers who are frequently commissioned. His choral compositions are romantic, harmonically rich, and include intricate contrapuntal lines. Burchard’s extended multi-movement work on The Seven Last Words of Christ, which is accompanied by divisi strings, incorporates that brilliance.

This 45-minute piece of music is simply breathtaking and offers alternate accompaniment for the string quartet and organ. The Seven Last Words of Christ is a sacred piece of medium difficulty that will perform well in concert venues. Church, community and college choirs will also find this a worthy addition to their spiritual musical programs.

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Richard Burchard

Best Selling Chorals

When David Heard

When David Heard

The heartbreaking tale of King David crying over the death of his son Absalom has been set to music by a number of well-known artists. Richard Burchard’s composition is strong and moving, and will not dissapoint singers or listeners. The genius of this song, which was chosen for The Bruce Roger’s Choral Series, is in the musical suspensions that so perfectly depict the emotions.

Suitable for advanced choirs and college choruses.

Miserere Mei

Miserere Mei

One of the inaugural pieces in The Bruce Rogers Choral Series is Richard Burchard’s exquisite Miserere Mei arrangement, which hails from Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. The powerful harmonic weaving tugs at your heart and soul. This song’s amazing fusion of Renaissance purity and modern discord contributes to its seemingly timeless quality.

This composition will be a favorite with community choirs, college choirs, and some strong church choirs.

Salzburg Missa Brevis

Salzburg Missa Brevis – SATB

With Burchard’s “Missa Brevis,” there are so many wonderful things to praise. Set consistently for 4 part voices, we are blessed with Richard’s signature harmonies and this piece is suitable for small choirs – including church choirs!

A welcome addition to The Tim Sharp Choral Series, this 4-movement Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei ) was written for a touring choir, when a cappella singing is an advantage (no uncertain keyboards to worry about). The individual movements are not long and easily stand alone, but the full work is wonderfully satisfying as a concert work or worship anthem.

Medium in difficulty.

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