Robert H Young Choral Series

Gentry Publications is pleased to feature the Robert H. Young Choral Series

Robert H Young Choral Series

The Robert H. Young Choral Series

Choral Music

Dr. Robert H. Young, a respected ASCAP member, profoundly impacted the choral realm with over 100 compositions published by top U.S. publishers. His creative journey was fueled by collaborations with the Baylor Chamber Singers and the inspiring setting of the Armstrong Browning Library, shaping his acclaimed repertoire. Notably, “Lovesight” exemplifies his ability to intricately blend word and melody, expressing profound beauty. Additionally, “How Sweet The Moonlight Sleeps” offers a fresh take on a timeless text, drawing inspiration from folk melodies to craft captivating choral arrangements that reflect Young’s accessible yet evocative style.

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Dr. Young’s path led him through service in the US Marine Corps before pursuing degrees in music. After completing his military duty, he served as Minister of Music in California churches before joining Baylor University’s faculty in 1962. During his three-decade tenure, Dr. Young not only directed the Baylor Chamber Singers but also composed numerous choral works inspired by their performances, leaving a lasting legacy in the choral community.