Rock My Soul Choral Series_Gentry Publications

Gentry Publications Rock My Soul Choral Series features a diverse range of high-quality music arrangements,  accompaniments and musical styles.

Co-edited by Brandon A. Boyd and Brandon Waddles.

Rock My Soul Series

Celebrating Soulful Choral Traditions

The Rock My Soul choral series is a collection of choral arrangements published by Gentry Publications, a leading publisher of choral music. The series features a diverse range of music, including traditional hymns, spirituals, and contemporary Christian music, arranged for choir and accompanied by piano.

One of the standout features of the Rock My Soul series is the wide variety of musical styles represented. The series includes arrangements of music such as “John The Revelator” and “Better,”  It also features contemporary hits like “Sing All The Way!” This variety makes the series a great resource for choirs looking for a mix of old and new, and for directors looking to add some variety to their repertoire.

In addition to the diversity of styles, the Rock My Soul series is known for its high-quality arrangements and accompaniments. The piano parts are well-written and supportive, and the choral arrangements are challenging but not overly difficult, making them accessible to a wide range of choirs.

Overall, the Rock My Soul choral series is a valuable resource for choirs and directors looking for a wide range of high-quality choral music. Whether you’re looking for traditional music, spirituals, or contemporary Christian hits, the Rock My Soul series has something for everyone.

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