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An American choral composer, singer, professor, and researcher, Rosephanye Dunn Powell has been hailed as one of America’s premier composers of choral music. She has a diverse and impressive catalogue of works published by some of the nation’s leading publishers, including the Hal Leonard Corporation, the Fred Bock Music Company/Gentry Publications, Oxford University Press and Alliance Music Publications.

Her compositions include sacred and secular works for mixed chorus, women’s chorus, men’s chorus, and children’s voices. Her style of composition has been characterized by beautiful melodies, strong rhythmic emphasis, rich harmonies often derived from African-American popular styles, and varied vocal textures including counterpoint.

Her influences include African-American musical styles; the choral works of J.S. Bach, G.F. Handel, Mozart and Verdi; the art songs of William Grant Still, Undine Smith Moore, Fernando Obradors, Samuel Barber, Emmanuel Chabrier; and the spiritual arrangements of H.T. Burleigh, J. Rosamond Johnson, William Dawson, Hall Johnson, Lena McLin, and Roland Carter. Powell’s works are popular throughout the world, especially in Europe and Asia. She is in constant demand as a composer-in-residence, clinician, adjudicator, conductor, and performer.

Rosephanye Powell

Major Works

The Cry of Jeremiah by Rosephanie Powell_Choral Sheet Music Cover 500x600px

The Cry of Jeremiah

The Cry of Jeremiah marks the first major work from the pen of Rosephanye Powell. Gentry Publications offers this unique musical work as part of the Rosephanye Powell Choral Series.

Rosephanye Powell’s The Cry of Jeremiah combines ancient text taken from passages in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah with music that draws from both African American musical heritage as well as classical music traditions. The four movements of this musical masterpiece depict the prophet’s feelings of abandonment and redemption by God with beautiful melodies and rhythmic spiritedness to create an impassioned vision of the narrative.

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Rosephanye Powell

Best Selling Chorals


Psalm 29:1-4

Ascribe to the Lord

The God-honoring Psalm text is raised to a dynamic level that begs for an urgent response. Rosephanye Powell’s Ascribe to the Lord is uniquely moving with a compelling accompaniment and roaring musical lines that bring a fresh wind to Psalm 29:1-4.

Often selecting sacred texts for her music, it is the particularly remarkable style in which Rosephanye composes that enables her music to be suitable for both worship and concert performances. Ascribe to the Lord is perfect for high school and adult choirs in church or concert.

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Arranged by William C. Powell


Still I Rise

Rosephanye Powell’s “Still I Rise” is a choral work that has become a staple in the classical choral repertoire. The piece is based on Maya Angelou’s iconic poem of the same name, and Powell’s arrangement captures the spirit of resilience and strength that the poem embodies. The work features rich harmonies and soaring melodies that build to a powerful climax, and its emotional impact is felt by audiences every time it is performed. “Still I Rise” is a celebration of the human spirit, and it inspires listeners to stand tall in the face of adversity and to never give up on their dreams. This work is a testament to Powell’s musical abilities and her ability to create powerful musical expressions of important themes and ideas.


The Word Was God

Rosephanye Powell’s “The Word Was God” is a powerful choral piece that explores the idea of the Word of God as a source of comfort and hope. This stirring work features rich harmonies and expressive melodies that convey the depth of the text’s meaning. The choir’s robust sound blends with solo voices to create a dynamic, uplifting performance that will leave audiences inspired and moved. This choral piece is well suited for both church and concert settings, making it a popular choice among choirs of all levels. The “The Word Was God” showcases Powell’s exceptional musical talent and is a testament to the enduring power of faith and worship.

Rosephanye Powell

Vocal Solos

Langston Dreams by Rosephanye Powell Music Cover

Langston Dreams

Rosephanye Powell’s “Langston Dreams” is a powerful and evocative musical piece, showcasing the exceptional vocal talent of the composer. The solo vocal lines soar over rich harmonies, capturing the essence of Langston Hughes’ vivid and imaginative poems. Powell’s exceptional control and mastery of her voice is evident in her ability to convey the deep emotions of the texts. The song’s haunting melody is a testament to Powell’s musicality and ability to craft music that touches the heart. Overall, “Langston Dreams” is a beautiful and powerful piece that showcases Powell’s exceptional voice and musicality, making it a must-listen for fans of classical and contemporary vocal music.

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I Dream A World

Rosephyne Powell composes Langston Hughes’ poem into music and accompanied by piano. Its magisterial melody, harmonies and lyrics will inspire everyone to strive to achieve their dreams. This is a great piece for any medium level collegiate and high school choirs.

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The Cry of Jeremiah by Rosephanie Powell_Choral Sheet Music Cover 500x600px

Then, Here and Now

Rosephanye Powell’s “Then, Here, and Now” vocal solos showcase the composer’s mastery of choral writing and her unique approach to text setting. The solos are characterized by their intricate melodies, rich harmonies, and dynamic contrasts, which bring the text to life in powerful and emotionally impactful ways. Powell’s use of contemporary harmonies and rhythm creates a sense of urgency, while her choice of text reflects the themes of social justice and human struggle that are so relevant in today’s world. These solos are highly effective in performance, challenging singers to explore new vocal techniques while offering listeners a deeply moving musical experience.

Miss Wheaatleys Garden_Rosephanye Powell_Gentry Publications_

Miss Wheatley’s Garden

“Miss Wheatley’s Garden” is a collection of vocal solos composed by Rosephanye Powell. The pieces are inspired by Phillis Wheatley, the first African American woman to publish a book of poetry. Powell’s compositions are known for their beautiful melodies, rich harmonies, and emotional depth, capturing the spirit of Wheatley’s life and works. The solos are designed to be performed by a solo voice, with accompaniment by piano or other instruments. They are suitable for a variety of musical settings, including concert halls, worship services, and educational performances. “Miss Wheatley’s Garden” is a timeless tribute to one of America’s most important literary figures and a testament to Powell’s musical excellence.

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